Karl Rossi and West Branch Builders.  Rossi's stated commitment is to build homes that withstand the elements of coastal Maine:  retention of heat; reduced dampness and moisture; weather sealing of building seams;  strength and integrity of building structure; design and construction for requirements of northern climate condition; and, attractive finish.

Our new kitchen features beautiful wooden beams that were installed by West Branch.  In order to accommodate the removal of old weight-bearing walls, extra supports needed to be placed in the lower basement walls as well as reinforcements for the new walls.  These changes to our kitchen meant changes in basement walls and first floor walls, all to strengthen load-bearing walls up to the master bedroom on the second floor.  New construction for outside walls included an abundance of insulation.  New overhead lighting for the kitchen was put in place without any damage or disruption to the existing wood ceiling.  Finally, changes in the wood flooring required a blending of old and new planks, all accomplished with a perfect blending.

One work about Karl Rossi.  Karl is very careful in developing his cost estimates.  You will be sure to get an proposal that is based on actual costs of materials and labor.  Karl does not make short-cuts in his work or in the materials he uses.  If his prices are low it is because he is able to present a very reasonable building plan to his customers.  If you are looking at a bid that is below Karl's, you had better ask for details on how the builder is able to get to such a low bid.

Finally, Karl is precise in his work, and this carries over to the way he relates to his clients.  I found him always reasonable and pleasant.  He is a great builder and a good person.

Tom and Debi Baughman -- Steuben, ME
Karl you did a great job adding insulation to our home.  Since you sprayed the basement joists and the added to the attic a year ago we've seen our oil bill has been reduced despite this very tough winter.


Vivodh Anand
Decades ago, Karl Rossi was working for Atlantic Builders when we hired them to build our waterfront home in Prospect Harbor, Maine.  Karl was the foreman on the job, and it was not a straightforward one.  His work was exemplary.  We have never stopped loving the house.  His works was so exemplary, in fact, that we have used West Branch Builders (Karl) for every renovation and improvement project since, including construction of a free-standing second building on our lot that I use as a wood shop and study.  I would recommend Karl without reservation, and would be happy to speak with, or show my home to, anyone who is considering using him.  His integrity, craftsmanship, knowledge, and honesty are without parallel.  When I describe our experience with Karl, and his fees, to friends around the country, they are green with envy.

Eric Lister
Thank you for the exquisite workmanship that went into the building of our much loved summer home.  Even though we were far away during construction, you made the process fun and stress-free for us.  We have an extraordinary home to share with our family and friends.

Joanne Dodge -- Charlotte, NC
Karl Rossi is a fine craftsman.  He can build any structure as well as do the finish work that is required.  He does each job in a timely and professional manner.

Ellen Jean
This is to attest that I very highly recommend Karl Rossi III / West Branch Builders Inc. for any construction project.  As an exceedingly perfectionist Engineer I have found Mr. Rossi to be the most competent, creative, meticulous and quality construction contractor I have ever worked with.

Ross Dinyari
We have used West Branch Builders, Inc. to work on several projects during the past nine years.  No matter how big or small the project, we have been completely satisfied with Karl's professional skills and his ability to maintain high standards in getting the work completed.

Fred and Virginia Rich -- Ellsworth, Maine